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Rice Lake Weighing Systems


SWT specializes in the latest in metrology for everything from fitness facilities, to medical institutions the the growing cannabis industry. 

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LEVL (Fat Metabolism Insights)


LEVL has created a new paradigm in nutrition management and health through a non-invasive, highly accurate tool to  calculate fat loss.  The LEVL device measures low levels of ketones as the body shifts into an elevated fat burning state making it a useful tool for any prescribed diet.

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Tanita Scales


Tanita continues to be at the forefront of bio impedance and body composition technology, providing personalized, in depth evaluations of an individuals overall health.

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Spellbound AR


Spellbound AR creates therapeutic tools that distract, engage and motivate children during their medical treatment while offering moments of joy and wonder.

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Spartan Wellness Technology

4990 Arrowhead Rd, West Bloomfield, Michigan 48323, United States