About LEVL



There are three primary reasons medical and fitness professionals are using LEVL:

1.  Insurance reimbursement is available.

2.  Because it is a scientific marker of past behavior, It saves time reviewing behavior and food journals

3.  It provides accurate, immediate feedback, allowing you to make changes to the diet that will improve results without waiting for a change on the scale

How it Works


To use the device, the patient simply breathes into it for 10 seconds.

The results are provided immediately to the patient via their smartphone and sent to your professional dashboard for review.

Most clinics set up a LEVL station in their waiting room.  The patient/client completes their LEVL when they arrive, allowing you to review the results before you see the patient.

The Science


The device is based on seven years of research and development and backed by science.

LEVL measures elevated acetone levels, which are directly related to an increased fat metabolism.   No special diet is required.  

LEVL measures how well the patient is burning fat now and predicts how well they will continue to in the future, should they continue on the same dietary path.

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