Spellbound Augmented Reality

About SpellBound


Spellbound is a therapeutic tool that uses augmented reality technology to help children cope and engage with medical treatment. 



SpellBound is an affordable subscription based service that allows your patients access to the magic.  

Who's Using Spellbound


With Spellbound's success in hospitals, the team has partnered with SWT to bring the technology into the private practice.


Founder, Christina York talks about Spellbound AR.


What does Spellbound do?

See More About Spellbound

Check out Spellbound's You Tube channel to learn more about how Spellbound is changing the patient experience.

Office Applications


Patients and their parents are distracted by Spellbound while procedures are performed.  This reduces ancillary time spent calming the patient (or, let's face it, the parent)

Breaking the Ice/Continuity of Care

Children can be very tentative when meeting a new healthcare provider, especially if they have had previous bad experiences.  Introducing yourself with a magic trick breaks the ice.  When your staff uses the same technique, the continuity of care creates a warm, welcoming environment for the child.

The Waiting Game

Giving the best care to every patient, sometimes means patients wait.  An augmented reality experience in the waiting area brings a new experience and conversation to the family.

What the Medical and Tech Community is Saying

Child Life Specialists

“It’s not just something for the patients. It’s something for the brothers and sisters, the cousins and all the friends, to look forward to when they come to the hospital to visit. It makes the hospital less scary for them as well.”

— J.J., CCLS

Occupational Therapists

“A lot of people are really impressed when I bring these [books and cards] out and show them what they can do…Parents think they’re great…sometimes I feel like the parent wants to push the kid aside and play with it themselves.”

— Jamie, Rehab Engineer/Occupational Therapist

The Tech Community

  • Winner of the 2016 Innovation Award at BookExpo America
  • Winner of GetWell Labs Next Gen Award at GetConnected 2016
  • Winner of Detroit Start Up Weekend 2014
  • Winner of one of five prizes at Global Startup Battle 2014 (MagicBook)