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Frequently Asked Questions


Our three most popular questions are below.   For a complete FAQ, click HERE.

How long do I keep my LEVL device for?

Most people keep their LEVLhome device anywhere from 3-6 months.  This is enough time to “biohack your body" and learn how your body responds to food and activity. 

Watch this video on biohacking your body.

How do I know if LEVL is right for me?

Our most successful clients use LEVL in coordination with a structured weight loss or exercise program such as Weight Watchers or P90x. 

How do I increase my LEVL?

You can CLICK HERE to learn about the lifestyle changes that will increase your LEVL.  You can also seek support from a LEVL expert on our “Ask Me Anything” page.  If you work with someone guiding your journey, we offer a free 30 minute tutorial on how professionals can assess LEVL data.  CLICK HERE to schedule.

Support for Wellness Professionals

Are you a Wellness Professional who needs educational or technical support on how LEVL works? We are here to help!

If you are a wellness professional and have clients using LEVLhome, we offer a 30 minute tutorial or you can email us your questions.



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