Bio Hacking your Best LEVL


LEVL measures acetone in your breath to calculate, monitor and predict your fat loss.  Simply put, Acetone is one of the three by-products created when your body burns fat.

You’ve probably heard of a “keto diet”. This is an extreme state of fat burning. The urine and blood strips “keto dieters” use only detect the two other by-products of ketones at very extreme levels. 

LEVL device measures low levels of ketones as the body shifts into an elevated fat burning state making it a useful tool for any diet.


Your goal is to get yourself to the LEVL where you feel your best. That is not always the highest number.  You need to be at your BEST number for a long period of time, rather than the highest number for a shorter period of time.

Research shows that though most safe weight loss plans work but not every weight loss plan works for everyone. Some people don’t feel right on certain programs, others cannot comply for lifestyle etc... 

When you get to your best LEVL, you will feel your very best.  You've bio-hacked your body!


Below are some articles on things that researchers know increase fat burning.

Medical News Today



How Your Body Works

LEVL clinical scientist Joe Anderson, Ph.D. explains ketosis and fat metabolism.

How LEVL Works with the Body

LEVL clinical scientist Joe Anderson, Ph.D. explains how the measurement of breath acetone offers insights into the body’s fat burning capabilities.

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