Bio Impedance Analyzers



The BC 310 is a full-body, multi-frequency segmental body composition analyzer (BCA).  With three frequencies and 8-electrode technology, this unit is perfect for small fitness facilities.  Built in thermal printer.

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The 380 is the newest BIA device on the market and includes professional software and a client facing app.  This unit leads the category in price point, accuracy and data.  This unit is popular with medium to large fitness facilities and medical practices 

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With more than 30 points of analysis including phase angle and segmental water, this device is perfect for clinical research at University level.  The device is also unique in providing risk factor assessment and prevention through prediction of abdominal fat.  As with all Accuniq BIA devices, it includes software and a client facing app and leads the category in price point, accuracy and data.

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We also sell other models of BIA and non-BIA health scales.

Our staff at Spartan Wellness Technology are experts and we can help select the right unit for you.  Contact us at 248-845-2122 to learn more without the sales pitch.

Rent a BIA Device

We Offer Rentals!

Spartan Wellness Technology offers a limited number of BIA devices for rent.  Our rental program is ideal for businesses looking to see if BIA is right for them or for weight loss and fitness competitions.

Our affordable rentals range from 4-12 weeks.

*Rental is Accuniq's BC380.  Rental does not include shipping days.  Outbound shipping and insurance included.  Customer is responsible for return shipping. Item must be packed by shipping company in ORIGINAL PACKAGING and insured for $5000.

Contact us at 248-845-2122 for more information.


Model Comparison

Click the links below to compare the features of the most popular models, including competitor units and learn the terminology.

BCA Comparison- October 19 final (pdf)


BIA Terminology Key (pdf)





Multiple frequencies penetrate the cellular wall differently improving accuracy.  ACCUNIQ offers more frequencies, dollar-for-dollar than any other BIA on the market.

Measurement Method

All units are bio impedance, meaning they use electrical current to determine the body's composition.   Bio impedance offers the most accurate results and a price that is affordable.

Segmental Analysis

All ACCUNIQ units use segmental analysis.   Units separate the composition of the different areas of the body, legs, arms and trunk.

Proprietary Algorithms

Extensive studies on populations ensure the algorithms on the ACCUNIQ line are among the best in the industry.


Accuniq units offer a two-year standard warranty with an extended warranty available.  

What You Can Expect

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