The Accuniq BC 380 by Selvas Healthcare

Selvas Healthcare is leading the healthcare industry in Artificial Intelligence technology and is applying the expertise into the Body Composition arena.  

The BC-380 entered the market in 2019 and uses Selvas Healthcare's proprietary leading edge technology.  

Their units offer:

  • Accuracy
  • Comprehensive data 
  • Affordability 

The US distribution and dealer network provides:

  • Seasoned professionals who understand your business
  • Support staff who can relate to your goals
  • Initial training 
  • Continuing education 
  • Ongoing technical support 

We are experts in not just the product, but the application of the product in your real world environment.  No other BIA producer can provide you the real-life expertise of Spartan Wellness Technology.

The BC 380 offers:

- Three frequency, eight electrode technology

- Top of the line accuracy (body fat percentage and more)

- The most data for your dollar compared to any other unit on the market

- Bluetooth standard 

- Computer Software included

- Competitive Pricing


If you are interested in learning how a BC 380 can improve your client satisfaction and revenue, give us a call.


Sample Results Sheet

380 sample (jpg)


Why Buy Accuniq Technology

Accuracy and Technology


Accuniq's BIA Body Composition units have unparalleled accuracy and use the most advanced technology available to help determine body fat percentage and other valuable data.  

Price and Value


The BC380 offers more body composition data than similar competitor units.  Help your clients with their weight loss and fitness while improving their body fat percentage.

Training and Development


Accuniq only works with sales and training staff with industry experience in fitness, body composition and weight loss.  We can help you implement your unit, train your staff and we are available for ongoing professional development.  

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