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Sizing up the Competition

Independent research shows that bio impedance units provide an accurate measure of body composition.  This is true across all brands.  

Some companies use fancy language like "predictive equations" to create a false sense of market superiority.  In truth, this is just jargon that doesn't apply in the way the sales person is making it seem.  

The leading seller of bio impedance technology has landed itself in legal trouble for making false and misleading statements to customers like you.


Proprietary Data

All companies have their own proprietary algorithms, data and patents.   

Keep in mind that inexperienced sales people may claim that a company holds a "patent on the technology" when they the company really only holds a patent on a very small piece of the product, like a thumb placement, for example.

 The US government does not verify the accuracy or quality of the information contained in the patent.  


Market Presence

Companies are clamoring for your attention, spending money on internet placement, social media and fancy marketing materials.  

While fancy marketing is a great place to start, reach out to independent representatives like Spartan Wellness Technology to give you the one on one attention you need to make an educated choice that meets your expectations on quality, data and price.  

A good company will tell you if the products they sell are not right for you.

The Bottom Line

As an independent representative, we have both the clinical data and our own data.  Ask your SWT client success specialist to help educate you so you can make an informed decision.