Bioimpedance Analyzers

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Bio Impedance Analyzers


The D1000-3 is a full-body, multi-frequency segmental body composition analyzer (BCA).  With three frequencies and 8-electrode technology, this unit is perfect for small fitness facilities.  Built in thermal printer.

MSRP $3395  SWT PRICE $2999


The Accuniq 300 is designed for those that travel with their unit.  Three frequency and 8 electrode technology ensure accuracy.  A hard case and foldable unit makes for safe transport.  This unit is perfect for municipalities and companies who take their unit to employees.

MSRP:  $5454  SWT PRICE:  $4,995


Our most popular unit, the Accuniq 360, again features three frequency, 8 electrode technology.  This unit can weigh individuals up to 550 lbs.

MSRP:  $5660  SWT PRICE:  $5299


The Accuniq 375S is perfect for physicians, hospitals and medical practices looking for the expanded results the 357S offers.  4 frequencies increase the depth at which the cellular wall is penetrated.  

MSRP: $9800  SWT PRICE:  $7995


The Accuniq 720 is the most comprehensive bio-impedance analyzer on the market.  This unit maxes out at 6 frequencies, offers amplified results, communications and 8.4 inch LCD touch screen with keypad.  This unit is perfect for division I universities, hospitals and medical practices.

MSRP:  $13,385  SWT PRICE:  $11,995


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Standard Features on all Rice Lake Units


Frequencies penetrate the cellular wall and improve accuracy.  Every Rice Lake unit has a minimum of three frequencies.

Measurement Method

Rice Lake units are 8 point electrode units, covering the entire body.  There is no estimation.

Segmental Analysis

Rice Lake units seperate the composition of the different areas of the body, legs, arms and trunk.

Proprietary Algorithms

Extensive studies on populations ensure the algorithms are as close to accurate as possible. Unlike competitor units, outliers (ex. very fit individuals) still fall in the stated accuracy of 1-3% of Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)


Rice Lake units are built with durability in mind.  The flexible design of the upper body measurement system ensures costly repairs won't be necessary.  Rice Lake units offer a one year standard warranty with an extended warranty available.  

What You Can Expect


Rice Lake bio impedance analyzers are the most comprehensive, accurate units on the market at the most competitive prices.


Bio impedance analyzers isn't Rice Lake's only rodeo.  Their investment in the entire weighing systems market, and 70 years of industry service, allows them the diversity and expertise to keep prices low for customers.


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