A Fair Assessment of the Market Competition

Spartan Wellness Technology’s mission is to sell the wellness industry’s best products. Our values dictate that we take care of our customers and provide honest, accurate information.


We believe that consumers should never be misled. We want to share with you some factually incorrect information being disseminated.

STATEMENT: “The InBody is 7% more accurate than the Accuniq 360.”  

THIS IS FALSE -Accuniq compares products to DEXA (the gold standard,) not competitors.

Independent testing in 2017, showed the Accuniq line tested within 2-3% of a DEXA analysis (sometimes closer), depending on how well the subject follows the recommended testing protocols.

NOTE:  When testing competitive athletes the Accuniq compared very closely to DEXA, compared to inBody which skewed more than 5%.   

STATEMENT:  “The Inbody is the only commercially available device that provides its results without the use of empirical assumptions.” 

FALSE- Not only is this false, they are LEGALLY FORBIDDEN from saying it in Germany, where the first lawsuit was settled.*

When researching this statement, it seemed odd to us that one company would have a competing company’s proprietary, highly sensitive information.  Digging deeper we learned of the litigation and the outcome. 

Both units use the same technology. 

STATEMENT “Accuniq is cheaper because it’s not as good.” 

FALSE- Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a huge company with vast diversity. The country’s biggest companies (FEDEX, UPS etc…) are customers of Rice Lake. They are extremely competitive on all their prices, across every industry. It is not specific to health scales. While BIA is an important part of what the company does, diversity allows for competitive pricing. 

So how does this sum up? 

  • The Accuniq line compares closely to DEXA analysis
  • The Accuniq 360 has twice as many features as the inBody 270
  • The Accuniq line is less expensive

At the end of the day, we want you to make the purchase that is best for YOUR BUSINESS. But we also don’t want you to be misguided or lied to in the process.


To assist you in the purchase process, attached below is a document that compares the features of the Accuniq 360 to the inBody 270. 

If you have any questions about Accuniq units, or the information above, please reach out and we are happy to help.    

info@spartanwellnesstechnology.com or 248-845-2122


In 2016, a German Court ordered inBody to desist using the following assertions in their advertising.

The Defendant is ordered to desist in advertising, for the purpose of competition, devices for body composition analysis under the name lnBody 570 with the statement:

“Unlike other BIA analyses, which are based on estimates, InBody’s direct segmental multi-frequency measurement with tetrapolar 8-electrode technology allows for the empirical calculation factors such as age, sex and body type to be forgone entirely and the measurement results to be determined directly and individually. Submission of age and sex will thus have no influence on the measurement result.” 

and/or “The conventional BIA measurement method (single-cylinder impedance measurement) does not take into account that the respective body segments have different shapes and therefore will have different impedances. The traditional BIA measurement method therefore first measures the impedance of the entire right side of the body (right arm, leg, and trunk half). This result is then doubled in order to then get the impedance values of the entire body. Imprecisions are evened out with the aid of additional empirical calculation factors such as age, sex, and body type.


* Samples:

 31yo male  ( Former NFL Player)

DEXA- 19.1% BF;

Accuniq 360- 20% BF

InBody 570- 13.1% BF

25yo female-  (CrossFit Trainer)

DEXA 20.5% BF;

Accuniq 360- 18.3% BF

InBody 570- 12.8% BF@